The Culture of Yellow


Video, Posca on yellowtrace


This body of work explores the nuances of cross-cultural living, drawing from aspects of my personal experience. As a half-Chinese, half-British Australian citizen, there is a pervasive tension and oscillation that surrounds my navigation of identity and the experience of living within the intersection of multiple points of cultural input. 

My linguistic experimentation is an exercise in the creation of words that address the increasing number of nuances experience that I have, as a person of mixed race and nationality. The words I create act as a soft-political creole for the contemporary hybrid experience, purposed as a verbal means of expression for those who lie in neither the centre, now the periphery, but rather in an interstitial space of hybridity.

I delve into the concepts of oscillation, vibration, disjuncture, rupture and tension in my video work which attempts to align seemingly disparate visual discourses. Through this paralleling and remixing technique, my frenetic video work explores the multiplicity of identity that occurs when experiencing a hybrid cultural experience. I analyse the subtle moments f everyday phenomena and the ephemeral, and examine their emotional and visceral effects through video and performance.