Playful Potentials


Mixed-media sculpture, perspex


This body of sculptural work is a playful object-based investigation into the concept of the liminal, a space in which conventional objects are reconfigured and imbued with the autonomy to suggest imagined potentialities, beyond a singular reality.

Through my experimentation with objects I suggest alternative, potential realities and perspectives which do not necessarily adhere to the conventions of human perception. The objects I have created lean towards Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of the Rhizome, an inherently non-hierarchical philosophy, which does not observe a singular dominant discourse but rather embraces the potential for multiple and equal valuations. 

imothy Morton’s writings on Hyperobjects and Object-oriented ontology also speak to my sculptural works in that they suggest an autonomy of objects, which is of equal importance as that of a human. “... the being of a paper cup is as profound as mine” (Morton, p.17). Through this philosophical lens, my hybrid,‘re-functioned’ objects can be seen as markers of alternative potential worlds where their existence is not limited to human interaction or perception: “Hyperobjects are real whether or not someone is thinking of them” (Morton, p.2).