Bronwen Williams is a Chinese-Australian artist living and working in Sydney. Her work investigates the nuances of contemporary cross-cultural identity through an experimental sound and installation practice. Her work is informed by the spectrum of her own experiences of being Asian-Australian. In particular, she is interested in how the visibility and audibility of Asian-Australians is both subtly and explicitly managed by whiteness, and how non-white bodies navigate these experiences in colonial spaces. Through considered material investigations with light and sound in embodied installations, her work curates an experience where values of seeing and hearing are modulated by the audience’s movement through the space. The viewer/listener is engaged in active listening practices by her use of sonic phenomena, such as beat frequencies and masking sounds, that elicit an auditory experience that is constantly in flux.


Williams has recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts (Research) candidate at UNSW Art & Design. She has exhibited at a variety galleries across Sydney and NSW including UNSW Galleries, MOP Projects, 107 Projects, Gaffa Gallery and AirSpace Projects. She has previously collaborated on projects with artist Paul Gazzola and Paul Granjon as part of the ISEA in 2013 and co-curated the NOW now festival 2016 and 2017.